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LK3600 Personal Radiation Dosimeter
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LK3600 Radiation dosimeter
1). sensitive, stable.
2).Super LCD English display.
3). adiation rate, ccumulating radiation dose and tored radiation dose can be directly read, testing time is chosed by the radiation rate and the precision, normally is 30s, 60s is chose when the radiation rate is low.
4). Natural enviroment test is specially designed to check whether the equipment works regularly, it is also convenient for self-checking and examinating by measuring organization .
5).With accumulated dose memory function, any data can be stored permanently, even when power off.
6).Low consumptive, portable.
7).Simplely to operate.
Main Technical Performances
1,  Through GM counter compensation, improve the low-energy response.
2,   Instrument with high sensitivity, will respond to the natural environment.
3,   Radiation occasions: beta gamma x rays.
4,   Measuring range, dose rate: 0.000usv/h-5msv/h
      Accumulated dose: 6-digital LCD display 000.000-999.999msv
5,   Energy response: <30% (50KeV-1.3MeV).
6,   Relative basic error: <10%(135Cs Source 662 KeV ? Radiation 1msv/h).
7,   Alarm response time: =3 seconds.
8,   Alarm function
      Dose rate threshold alarm: alarm threshold value: 0.5,1.0,2.5,10,30,50usv/h.
 9,  With accumulated dose memory function, after power-failure, data can be stored permanently, it can undertake 1 million
       times storage and erased.
10, Battery voltage indication.
       Icon shows the battery voltage in the upper right corner of instrument LCD, when battery shows three full grids, power is  about 2.8V-3.2V, when battery shows two grids, the power is about 2.5V-2.8V, when battery shows one grid, the power is   about 2.1 V-2.5V, when battery shows without grid , the power is under 2.1V, it is in the state of less power.
11, Working environment requirements:
       Temperature-10 - +50degree   Humidity: reach 90% (no condensation)
12, Dimensions: 150mm *73mm *31 mm
       Weight: 137g

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